Even though most of what you see is photos, I actually enjoy videography just as much. There is something about capturing an experience with video that sparks my creativity. I love to sit down for long hours behind a computer and create a story from footage that I have captured on my travels.
A great example of my video work and definitely my favourite project to date, is my Cocos Islands video. This once in a lifetime experience was one that I will never forget, and putting it together for everyone to watch made me so happy. I can't thank everyone enough for all the great feedback this has received, stay tuned for my next video project! 
The Cocos Islands 
Australia - Northern Territory
Another video I'm proud of is my Esperance video. Esperance has a special place in my heart and for me to capture it on video, I wanted to recreate my feeling there. It's much slower and calming, but the scenery is out of this world.

Thirdly, a short and quick video of mine. Our trip to Bali was amazing, we spent nearly a month there, I captured so much footage but managed to trim it down to under a minute. I tried to recreate the craziness of this country through fast paced visuals and lots of sound effects.


My true passion