Frequently asked questions 
How long does it take until I receive my print?

Rolled prints usually take around 5-7 days to be printed and ready to ship. Framed prints and canvas can take between 10-20 days until they are ready to be shipped. Then depending on where you are in the world, shipping times may vary.
Can I request a photo from your Instagram that is not already on your website?

Yes you can request any photo from my Instagram, please contact me for further details.
Is there other paper options?
Yes there is, I personally like the fine art paper look because there is no shine, if you would like paper that has a shine to it please get in contact!
Do you ship prints worldwide?
Yes, but only rolled prints. Canvas and framed prints are likely to be damaged when shipping overseas.
Do you sell high resolution digital images that I can print myself?
Yes but there is a strict license you must follow. This option is popular for people overseas who want to print and frame the photo themselves. Please get in contact for more info!
Do you print and frame images yourself?
No, my printing and framing is done by Alex at Sunday Sunset print in Trigg, WA. He is awesome at what he does and always provides the highest quality. I will often visit him to see the prints first hand before sending them off to customers.