About me

Jaxon Roberts

All aroud the


I'm lucky enough to have been given multiple opportunities to travel to parts of the world I could only dream of.

From local trips around Australia to the crazy city of Miami, my work has taken me to a large variety of locations. 
Thailand, Texas and Japan are just a few, all with their own crazy experiences.

Driven with passion

The creative eye

Photography means more than just a  job, it's my lifestyle and I love every second of it. Each photo I take and each video I create comes from true passion. I have always had a love for travelling, being able to combine this with my love for photography has changed my life. Showcasing stunning parts of the world in a unique way through my creative eye is my dream. I love to capture my experience of a place and create photos and videos to share with the world. Perhaps the best example of this would be my recent Cocos islands video, it was a massive project but all the hard work definitely paid off. Such a big part of creating a video comes down to the editing, I lost count of the amount of hours I spent editing this video but it's simply because I get into this flow state of mind while behind the computer. There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to putting all my footage together and that's what I love about it. There is nothing more rewarding than the moment you finish a video nd finally share it with the world. But the most important part is now I can rewatch my video and it takes me right back to the experience I had. 


My three favourite styles of photography are as followed


This is where my photography began, using drones. There is almost no boundaries when it comes to aerial shots, you can get photos with any angle you want and it also allows you to see perspectives you've never seen before. It's the closest you get get to flying without actually being in the air.


Taking these shots from the ground gives you limits of what you can work with. I find using a subject (person) and perfecting the framing of the image, helps to make aesthetically stunning landscape photos that make you feel as if you were there.


Even though most of my work showcases great landscape, I still love to do portrait shoots. So much emotion and story can be shown in a single photo. I prefer to do photo shoots outdoors using natural light.